“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”
This is a quote that has been very influential in my life.
It confirms that no matter the circumstance, I have a choice.

I come from a rather large family.  As 1 of 6 children, it is fascinating to see how all of my siblings are so very different. Sometimes I get really sad hearing about my oldest brother ‘s struggles. He has  endured many hardships, the loss of custody of his child, financial troubles, and an ongoing battle with drinking issues. Often I ask myself,  how is it possible we lead such different lives, when growing up so similarly?  What I have realized is that is not just one event or circumstance that makes us who we are. It is many small choices we have made over a lifetime. There is no one major decision that shapes our lives.  Our life is a combination of thousands of small choices  we make each and every day. And these small choices can have very big outcomes…

From the very moment you start your day, you have the power to decide exactly how everything will play out. Decision making is sort of like predicting the future.  And it doesn’t have to be difficult if you play your cards right.

EVERYTHING is a choice.
You have the freedom to choose.
You have been given the luxury of choice.
Don’t take this opportunity for granted.
Choose wisely.

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Do you want to learn as much as possible as fast as possible?
Guess what? You can! Just by using this simple formula: ILT.

By utilizing this easy and effective method, you can truly learn anything you want, in the fastest, most efficient way attainable!

Some of you may know, I came to the US with only $80 and a suitcase. Since then, a lot has changed and I have experienced great success. I contribute most of my success to the act of continuous self-education. Learning equals greatness, guys! And you can learn and gain success by implementing this simple formula, right now!

I: Invest in yourself.
Most people do not hesitate to purchase a new car, the latest iPhone, or use a credit card to treat themselves to an exotic vacation. Yet, they struggle at the thought of  paying for a motivational seminar. Once you invest in yourself, whether it be a book or online course, you have to actually learn the knowledge presented, which brings us to the next part of the formula.

L: Learn it.
Did you know, the average American reads less than 1 book a year, as successful CEO’s tend to read 30 books per year? Do you think it is a coincidence they are more successful? I don’t think so! That book isn’t going to read itself. Take action. That is the only way to generate legitimate results.

T: Teach what you learn. 
Share what you learn! When you teach, you retain the information better and are more likely to implement the newly gained knowledge into your life. The more you teach, the better you learn, all from simply making a decision to invest in yourself. How awesome is that? Talk about a triple win!

Who will you share your wisdom with?

To your greatness,


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16March 16

The Power of Asking

We have all heard the phrase, “ask and you shall receive.”
Despite this saying being all too familiar, it seems we struggle a great deal when it comes time to do the asking for something we need. Why do you think this is? Likely, it is because we are afraid. We are afraid of getting rejected.

However, how will we ever know if we don’t just ASK? Seems simple, right? That’s because it is. Here are some tips to help ease the asking process guaranteed to bring the results you want, to get what you need.

Ask the right person.
Pre-qualify the person you are asking to make sure they are the right fit. For instance, if you need money, ask the person who has the money, not someone who is struggling financially themselves. Use your best sense of judgment to get the best results.

Ask as though you already have it.
Believe in yourself! The more you do, the more likely the person you are asking will too. Confidence and success are good friends. If you are confident in what you are asking for, the more likely the person you are asking is going to want to give it to you. Make them believe it would be foolish to say no.

Ask clearly.
Delivery is key! The clearer you are, the less likely it is for confusion to arise. If you know exactly what it is you want, the easier it will  be for someone to say yes. If you are unclear in what it is you are asking, it will be hard to get what you want if the person you are asking doesn’t know what they would be giving. Make sense?

Ask again.
If you get a no, that’s okay! Don’t give up just yet. Timing is a huge factor here. Perhaps the person you asked was having a bad day at the time you asked, or maybe certain circumstances played a role in their answer. Things change. Be persistent!

Last, but certainly not least, here is a helpful formula to always remember: SW-SW-SW-SW.
Some will,  some won’t.  So what… someone’s waiting.

Kiss your fear goodbye and  take control of what it is you want the most! Your greatest desires could  be a question away…

What will YOU ask?

“Fast and steady wins the race.”
I know, I know.You’re probably thinking, hmm- that doesn’t sound right. But, hear me out first.

Sometimes, in order to succeed, we have to change our way of thinking. And lately, it seems that those who are experiencing the most success are doing just that.

I believe that we have been programmed by an old model to think this way. Nowadays, if we do not act fast, we are going to watch greatness pass us by, or be achieved by those who are taking action now. Slow and steady wins no race, it simply breeds laziness.

I believe that entrepreneurship is the best way to have the freedom to move fast and truly skyrocket your success. However, whether or not you are your own boss, there is no excuse or reason not to move fast. If your boss gives you a deadline, cut that deadline in half and get it done, fast! Show them and yourself that you are ready to do what it takes to succeed, in the most efficient way possible.

If you see an opportunity, take it! If you don’t see an opportunity, create one and do everything you can, fast, in order to make it happen. By moving fast, you will create momentum and excitement, which will motivate those around you to generate positive change in all aspects of  life.

I challenge you to pick a task, set a seemingly impossible deadline, and move fast to get it done!Push yourself, sustain momentum and surprise yourself by all that you can achieve.

Ready, set, go!


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