07April 16

Decision Making Made Easy

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”
This is a quote that has been very influential in my life.
It confirms that no matter the circumstance, I have a choice.

I come from a rather large family.  As 1 of 6 children, it is fascinating to see how all of my siblings are so very different. Sometimes I get really sad hearing about my oldest brother ‘s struggles. He has  endured many hardships, the loss of custody of his child, financial troubles, and an ongoing battle with drinking issues. Often I ask myself,  how is it possible we lead such different lives, when growing up so similarly?  What I have realized is that is not just one event or circumstance that makes us who we are. It is many small choices we have made over a lifetime. There is no one major decision that shapes our lives.  Our life is a combination of thousands of small choices  we make each and every day. And these small choices can have very big outcomes…

From the very moment you start your day, you have the power to decide exactly how everything will play out. Decision making is sort of like predicting the future.  And it doesn’t have to be difficult if you play your cards right.

EVERYTHING is a choice.
You have the freedom to choose.
You have been given the luxury of choice.
Don’t take this opportunity for granted.
Choose wisely.

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