29March 16

How to Learn Anything Fast

Do you want to learn as much as possible as fast as possible?
Guess what? You can! Just by using this simple formula: ILT.

By utilizing this easy and effective method, you can truly learn anything you want, in the fastest, most efficient way attainable!

Some of you may know, I came to the US with only $80 and a suitcase. Since then, a lot has changed and I have experienced great success. I contribute most of my success to the act of continuous self-education. Learning equals greatness, guys! And you can learn and gain success by implementing this simple formula, right now!

I: Invest in yourself.
Most people do not hesitate to purchase a new car, the latest iPhone, or use a credit card to treat themselves to an exotic vacation. Yet, they struggle at the thought of  paying for a motivational seminar. Once you invest in yourself, whether it be a book or online course, you have to actually learn the knowledge presented, which brings us to the next part of the formula.

L: Learn it.
Did you know, the average American reads less than 1 book a year, as successful CEO’s tend to read 30 books per year? Do you think it is a coincidence they are more successful? I don’t think so! That book isn’t going to read itself. Take action. That is the only way to generate legitimate results.

T: Teach what you learn. 
Share what you learn! When you teach, you retain the information better and are more likely to implement the newly gained knowledge into your life. The more you teach, the better you learn, all from simply making a decision to invest in yourself. How awesome is that? Talk about a triple win!

Who will you share your wisdom with?

To your greatness,


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